In a new scholarly collaboration review Trellis is “one to watch”

Posted by Joshua Freeman, Founding General Manager at Trellis

Telescope on Eiffel Tower
Telescope on Eiffel Tower” by Adrian Scottow under CC BY-SA 2.0

Recently, leading STM publishing analyst Outsell produced a report on Scholarly Collaboration Networks, a category within which they place Trellis. It was a lot of fun to have the chance to speak with their analyst and have a chance to tell her the Trellis story. But my favorite part was what she had to say about us when the report finally came out:

“Trellis is one to watch as it strengthens its user base and appeal to various stakeholders across the scientific community.” – Outsell

Here are a few more of the key takeaways from the report:

Scientific communities of all types have a place on Trellis

“There are many things to like about Trellis. First, it appeals to multiple industry stakeholders. A standalone collaboration platform designed with APIs, Trellis can be used for small, individual collaborations, and large-scale, Association-wide collaboration. AAAS uses it for membership engagement activities and the NSF, for example, is using it to stay in touch with 48 pilot project grants. At the same time, smaller research collaboration groups are using it to manage their work, share calendar events, share documents, and become part of their system of record.” – Outsell

Our platform is flexible and scalable, with groups ranging in size from just 3 members to over 100,000. Most recently, we announced a new Trellis group for AAAS members interested in science policy and advocacy.

Trellis brings multiple tools and communities together

“AAAS is looking to create efficiency by aggregating multiple communities in one place. It also aims to aggregate a basic set of collaboration tools so that researchers focus on the work, rather than on what tools they need. Finally, it’s created a STEM-specific platform so that users don’t necessarily need to look outside it for likely collaborators.”  – Outsell

Solving the “too many tools” problem is at the heart of Trellis’ mission: each Trellis group has a shared calendar, a shared document library, and the ability to host group-wide discussions. Trellis users can move from group to group, communicating and collaborating with peers from different contexts all in one place.

Trellis users all identify as members of the scientific community. This means they’re more likely to share common interests and spark collaborations.

Trellis is scalable and sustainable

“Trellis has grown significantly over the past two years and has firmly focused on sustainability. Benefiting significantly from its relationship with parent AAAS, it has great scalability and a strong strategic vision. We like its API-based build approach, its agile development approach, and its investment in the community engagement manager role.” – Outsell

The strong commitment to the scientific community at AAAS gives Trellis a firm, mission-driven foundation. As more associations and scientific partners like NSF join the platform we will continue to build influence and value.

Do you have a collaboration that might benefit from using Trellis? Are you interested in setting up a community of interest or practice? Is your membership society looking for a platform for member engagement? Please contact us at