Beyond the March for Science: Science advocacy on Trellis

Crowd with one person holding "We <3 Science" sign
Stand Up For Science_4” by Peg Hunter under CC BY-NC 2.0

This Saturday scientists and science advocates will march on Washington in a call for science-based policies and a public celebration of science. But what happens next? AAAS and Trellis are committed to providing opportunities for participants to continue to engage with science advocacy and public engagement.

Yesterday, AAAS announced the release of an advocacy toolkit with resources for communicating science effectively, connecting with other science advocates, and working with congress. We’ll be exploring these themes on Trellis over the next few months. Read on to find out about several communities where you can learn more, build connections, and get involved.


Tell your science story

The first section of the toolkit provides resources to help you share your experiences to demonstrate the value of science and its impact.

Starting on April 25th, the Public Engagement with Science group will provide weekly prompts to guide you through these themes and help you develop a public engagement plan. Topics will include defining your goal and audience, developing and framing your message, and finding opportunities to engage.

If you’d like to participate and you’re not a member of the Public Engagement with Science group, you can request an invitation here.


Make an impact on policy

This section of the toolkit focuses on strategies to communicate the value of evidence-based policymaking to elected officials.

The Engaging Scientists & Engineers in Policy (ESEP) Coalition, which works to empower scientist contributions at all levels of government, will be hosting discussions and sharing resources on this theme in the ESEP Trellis group.

You can request an invitation here.


Connect and Collaborate

The March for Science will bring scientists and science advocates together in one place to unite over common goals. The third section of the toolkit focuses on ways to continue to develop these connections and foster collaboration between participants.

Both groups listed above are great online gathering places for those who want to stay involved. Additionally, AAAS Members can connect with one another in the AAAS members-only “Force for Science” group.


If you’re not already part of the Trellis community, request to join today and access these great resources!