Being the Force for Science – AAAS members on Trellis

AAAS Force For Science logo
AAAS Force For Science logo

What does it mean to be a member-facing organization – or to belong to one? Engaging more with our members has been a key element of the Transformation Initiative that AAAS has undertaken over the past several years, with an emphasis on digital first, member-centric products and services.

Trellis plays a key role in this transformation process – and with AAAS’ overall mission to serve science and society. As an online communication and collaboration platform, we provide a home for any member of the scientific community who wants to connect with a community or share team-based resources online. And we provide AAAS a brand new way to get to know and engage with our own members – and to enable them to engage with each other.

And that’s precisely what we’ve been doing for the past few months. In the late summer and fall of 2016 we created accounts for all AAAS members on Trellis – that’s now over 100,000 people in the AAAS MemberCentral Community group, with many also in their individual section groups.

Welcoming all of our members to Trellis achieves several things:

– It gives them the ability to communicate as sections for the first time to get section business done.

– It gives them the opportunity to explore who else is in the broader membership and find others around the world with similar interests to them (we’ve already seen symposium invitations, PhD advice, swopping of papers and reports and more between scientists who may not otherwise have ever interacted).

– It gives AAAS a new mechanism by which to serve scientists in a way that is current, timely, and topical.

And that latter note is why we’ve launched a brand new group on Trellis this week for members who are interested in science policy and advocating for science. The AAAS members-only “Force for Science” group provides a place where those interested in standing up for science can access and contribute to discussions and resources related to science advocacy.

Many of these resources are freely available elsewhere on or the website – the intention is not to lock away key content. Rather, we’re looking to bring together people and content in one place and to support the resultant community that may want to discuss, remix and add their own resources. Trellis provides an ideal set of tools to make this happen – with discussions, document sharing, group calendars and more.

So if you’re already a AAAS member and haven’t yet checked out the Force for Science group, log in to Trellis to access your invite.

And if you’d like to find out more about how we’re working with our members – and how you could do something similar with your own, drop us an email: